10 Fun Sober Group Activities to Aid in Recovery

Published By: Debbie Luna
Last Updated:
March 19, 2021

Recovery from alcohol is largely a matter of preventing relapse. For the longest time, you may equate happiness and fun with alcohol. This is far from the truth. Alcohol can overall damage your health and lead you to do things that can harm others and yourself. The many benefits of being sober, however difficult, is truly worth striving for.

Sober group activities offer a great way for you to explore the new you. Having clean, positive fun through various group activities allow you to have a rich, meaningful life and fill up the time you used to spend feeding your alcohol addiction.

With that in mind, here are ten fun sober group activities you can enjoy as you walk the path to recovery.

10 Fun Sober Group Activities

1. Go to an Arcade

Relive the good old school times and invite your friends to head to your local arcade. You won’t get bored when you have plenty of fun game options.

2. Rejuvenating Spa Day with Friends

Indulge in a pampering massage, paint your nails, have hair and face masks, and just relax with your friends.

3. Go on a Hike

woman hiking

If you’re near mountains, forests, or national parks, tag your friends along and enjoy mother nature as you head out for a hike. Go easy and feast your eyes with the natural beauty and calmness of nature and enjoy the breath of fresh air.

4. Go Sightseeing

Just dress up and invite your group for sightseeing around your town. You may discover a new store, museum, or restaurant you may want to visit or try out.

5. Play Board or Card Games

Get a healthy competition brewing with classic board games that are not only fun and entertaining but can also channel out wacky moments and humorous conversations with your loved ones.

6. Volunteer in Your Community

A lot of organizations in your community can use a helping hand. Volunteering and giving back to your community can give you a sense of purpose and lasting feelings of happiness, and it couldn’t be more fun when you share the activities with your like-minded group of friends.

7. Organize a Sober Dinner Party

A simple dinner where you and your friends can share a potluck meal can bring out an unlimited dose of fun, and not to mention hearty conversations. Bonus if you actually bring in the ingredients and try out a new recipe with your friends.

8. Enjoy an Outdoor Picnic

group picnic

Spend quality time with your loved ones or friends in a simple outdoor picnic and capping your day marveling at the sunset over the mountains.

9. Host a Tournament

Get the whole group engaged and have a great time together, playing sports and any games you like. Set up a volleyball net, play basketball, or dodgeball. You get to sweat it all out while having fun and a healthy dose of laughter.

10. Have a Movie Night

Order pizza or take-out food from your favorite restaurant, chill out with your loved ones and watch a good movie.

While the path to recovery from addiction and rehabilitation is far from easy, simple pleasures like enjoying your town and having a fun dinner with your friends without the looming presence of alcohol can brighten even the most difficult days.

Having good friends by your side and participating in fun, sober activities are crucial in helping you navigate life after addiction. Going through recovery doesn’t mean you have to be alone, and a sober life doesn’t have to equal a boring life.

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