Daniel Dominick TE, PT

Expertise: Physical Therapy
Title: Registered Physical Therapist
Education: Cebu Doctors' University (2012 - 2017)


  • Registered Physical Therapist with three years of academic experience (teaching and research).
  • Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy
  • Faculty member in the Physical Therapy program of Cebu Doctors' University
"Exercise is the best form of conservative medicine. I help patients and clients add life to their years and improve quality of life."
- Daniel Dominick Te, PTRP


Daniel works full-time at Cebu Doctors' University (Cebu, Philippines) since November 2017 as a faculty member in the Physical Therapy program.

At CDU, Daniel works to:

  • Facilitate learning of students on human anatomy and physiology, pathology, and clinical application of physical therapy.
  • Help develop the knowledge and skills of students in the evaluation and treatment of patients with bodily impairments and functional limitations.
  • Evaluate students' knowledge- and skill-related outputs in formulating a plan of care for rehabilitation and fitness approaches.
  • Guide students in building PT interventions or in formulating a thesis paper through evidence-based practice.

Daniel also formerly worked part-time as a Review Lecturer for PT Licensure Exams at JRooz Review Center (2017-2020). For JRC, he performed the following tasks:

  • Conduct comprehensive lectures on basic anatomy and physiology, pathology, and physical therapy applications.
  • Evaluate quiz outputs of students.

Daniel also has clinical experience from internship (10 months) and from treating patients in their homes. He performed the following tasks:

  • Examine, evaluate, and treat patients based on their bodily impairments, functional limitations, and goals.
  • Assess the prognosis and effectiveness of therapy for appropriate progression.
  • Properly document the rehab session in the patient's medical chart.
  • Educate the patient, caregivers, and families on the importance of physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Daniel works for Inspire Us as a Physical Therapist consultant. He works to: 

  • Daniel fact checks and medically reviews content. He ensures the information found in the articles is accurate, the sources are credible, and the information provided to the readers is unbiased and based on science. 
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