is the Inspire USA Foundation’s primary online platform and avenue of outreach, launched on March 1, 2010 to help American teens and young adults get through tough times.

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 5.22.13 PM is a place where teens and young adults can improve their understanding of mental health issues, develop resilience, build their coping-skills and increase help-seeking behavior. It provides evidence-based information and supports, real life stories and the ability to connect and contribute in a safe and supported community. connects with young people in ways traditional mental health services never could, at a fraction of the cost.  It provides critical early intervention to prevent small problems becoming big ones. It builds meaningful connections and complements existing services.’s message for young people is one of hope: “You are not alone – other young people have made it through tough times.” draws on a proven Australian program that contributed to a halving of the youth suicide rate in a decade.  The decision to establish in the United States was made following an independent study the Bridgespan Group that found there was no comparable service to and highlighted the urgent need for such a service.

In 2011, Inspire USA created ReachOut’s mobile site to reach more young people and partnered with the Ad Council, Facebook and Yahoo to encourage users to access for resources.

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In May 2012, Inspire launched the ReachOut Forums, a safe, anonymous, peer-to-peer community for youth to discuss a range ofsocial, health and mental health related issues. It’s an on-line space where young people can receive and give support to each other to get through tough times.

In 2013 Inspire developed and launched a weekly text message outreach program to strengthen stress-related coping skills in addition to an innovative 2 way text program with other trained young people, called text supporters. has been tailored specifically for the U.S. environment working directly with young people including a team of contributing editors.  It will continue to grow and evolve to meet the changing and diverse needs of U.S. youth.  Supported by highly qualified experts, is building a community of young people who can care for themselves in a safe, supportive and practical way.